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How to get here?

The island of Santo Antão does not have an airport. This is why you will need to buy a ticket for São Vicente

(neighboring island). You will arrive at the Césaria Evora airport (VXE).

Once you arrive, take a taxi and request that it drops you off at the port for the ferry of Santo Antão. A one way to Santo Antão is 800 escudos (around €8), you can get one there.

We can order ferry tickets for you and send them, so you won't have to queue.

The crossing with the ferry is about 50 minutes. Upon your arrival in Porto Novo, you just have to walk with the crowd through a large building, and upstairs at the outside there will be a driver with your name.

We always suggest to our guests to take the road through the mountains on arrival (taxi) with stops to take photos and to take the coastal road on departure taxi or collective.

For futher informations feel free to contact us by mail.


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