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How to get here?

Currently, there is no airport on Santo Antão. Book a ticket to Césaria Evora Airport (VXE), on the neighboring island of São Vicente. You can arrange this through a travel agent or on your own. You can book a flight via TUI, a direct flight from Amsterdam to São Vicente, OR via TAP with a stopover in Lisbon (Portugal).

Upon arrival at the airport, there are several cab drivers ready to take you to the ferry (port). Here you can buy a ticket to the island of Santo Antão. On request we can order and send your ferry tickets in advance.

The ferry ride takes about 45 minutes. At the quay in Porto Novo, follow the crowd to the gate or through the maritime building where a Coração driver will be waiting for you with a nameplate.

We recommend you to take a cab upon arrival via the authentic mountain route with stops to take unforgettable photos. You can request this during reservation. 

You can also request a collectivo (aluguer) on arrival and/or departure, this driver also has a nameplate with him. 

If you take the ferry in the afternoon, we recommend our guests to discover a part of the western part of the island. The driver will take your luggage and drop you off in time to take the ferry to São Vicente.

For further information you can always contact us via e-mail .

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