Updated: Jun 12, 2021

One day, someone - a sailor - told us that Cape Verde was a very nice place for a holiday.

We wanted 'something special', different from the usual.

That's how we discovered Cape Verde, we had never heard of it before.

So we booked a trip with Jetair Fly to Sal, at that time the most well-known island of Cape Verde. Sun, sea ... beach - 31 March 2010 until 25 April 2010

We enjoyed the sun for a few days and had rented a flat in Santa Maria. It was far away from everything. Every day we sat on a stretch of beach where the local fishermen arrived with bags full of 'shells' - they would smash them to pieces and sell the contents to the restaurants.

There were not many tourists yet and it was very dry and warm.

One day we planned an excursion - a tour around the island. We booked this through TINO & FERNANDA MOSSO.

We saw the mirage, visited the blue lagoon, the salinas, Palmeira... and we could also walk in the sea to spot the sharks -not dangerous- up close. We had a very nice day.

But after a few days of sun, sea and sand... We felt like experiencing something else. We booked a flight with Tino to discover São Vicenté and move on to Santo Antão, which looked like a very beautiful island.

It looked very attractive with its green valleys.

On São Vicenté, we did a car tour.

The day after, we bought a ticket for the ferry that took us to Santo Antão.

We stayed at PASQUINHA, very friendly people. In the morning we got a nice breakfast and we stayed there for 3 nights. A taxi driver brought us to COVA and we did the descent of the crater. It was impressively beautiful... Such an unspoilt nature. Blessed!

The next day we did the coastal walk from Ponta do Sol to Cruzinha, the driver had told us that it was a 4 hour walk -for the Cape Verdians-, along the coast. We thought we could walk with our feet in the water and were wearing (sturdy) sandals. It was still a brisk but spectacular walk. We passed one of the most beautiful villages in the world, FONTAINHAS.

Then we walked further through CORVO, FORMINGUINHAS, ARANHAS and then arrived at SONA FISCH the restaurant/bar where we were going to meet our driver. It took us about 5h30 to get there. The last part was very dry, as no one told us it was so long and there was nothing to drink - we were very thirsty. The driver came to pick us up and we came back via Chã d'Igrésja and other beautiful villages (about one hour back to Ponta do Sol -with stops in between to take pictures).

Wim had immediately lost his heart on this island. A dream to move abroad came up again for him. A next holiday we would stay here longer and see if that dream would come true.

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