AFTER 2 YEARS of working in the 'existing hotel' ...

we were in need of renovation. (2014) Plans were drawn. Redrawn and presented to an architect, Mandy. Nitcha did her internship with him as an architect and together we -Nitcha and Hilde- made the plans to renew our hotel.

Below you can find the 3-D drawings.

From renovation came beautiful refurbishment.

We were very excited to start. We were thrilled.

The door to our private area was bricked up, so the work could finally begin.

Everything was renewed, from doors and windows ... walls were demolished, ... Blood, sweat and tears...

We worked on it for two and a half years.

Together with Jasper (Fleming - who lives on São Vicenté), Hilde picked out everything: paint, tiles, beds, furniture, curtains,... We spent many hours together to get everything in order, right down to the last detail.

Jasper made sure that everything could be imported. Not easy, because we wanted to start again as soon as possible.

Furniture for the balcony, comfortable beds, chairs, ... All working materials were bought.

Doors and cupboards were delivered and made by the local carpenter of the village, together with his team he did it perfectly! (Felix, Day,...)

Alluminium doors and windows were made and delivered by ALUDURO, São Vicenté - Very good quality and fast delivery! (Djé)

Floors and wall tiles were placed by Daniel - Very precise and beautiful work!

We have worked hard to make our residence much more spacious, cosy and also comfortable for our guests.

Our goal is that our guests have an unforgettable holiday... that they can take home many beautiful memories from this beautiful island!

On 14 February 2017, we were finally able to launch our renewed residence

Coração Ponta do Sol

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