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Discover an authentic region, away from the busy tourism ... more than 50 DAY TRIPS, walking routes for young and old - short, medium and long. You will get different levels and information on the spot day by day, below some examples!



The most beautiful and popular coastal walk of Santo Antaõ is the one from Ponta do sol to Cha d’Igreja. During your walk you will discover small picturesque mountain villages such as Fontainhais, Cruzinha, Corvo, ... which face the Atlantic. It is almost impossible to get lost on this 12km long path. The view you will have during your excursion on the ocean, the valleys and the rocks is worthy of a dream. This hike is done in +/- 6 hours

The West

The West

The western part of the island has remained the most authentic. First you will be driven on the old cobbled roads from the north to Porto Novo, with breathtaking views of the beautiful but also strange landscape along the way. A short visit is planned to the plateau of Lagoas, where forestry and goat cheese production are the main sources of income. Then it's time to discover the bizarre rock formations of Ribeira das Patas and a lot

Cova de Paùl

Cova de Paùl

The walk of Paùl is a classical hike in Santo Antao. This walk will allow you to see the whole valley of Paùl in. It begins from the crater of Paùl, which is over 1300m above sea level, and ends at the foot of the sea. During your excursion you will smell the good tropical flavours and its local culture. This descent takes about 5 hours.

Aguas das caldeiras - Xôxô

Aguas das caldeiras - Xôxô

The walk to Xôxô begins at the highest point of the road at around 1500 m above sea level. During your walk you’ll encounter several forests, unique landscapes, small pretty villages, greenery along the way, a waterfall and more…

The green part

The green part

A beautiful trip, spectacular views over both coasts north and south, over a ridge with beautiful mountain views on 2 sides. partly very desert-like mountains: bare, colors yellow, red, orange. Rocky area and last stretch along villages, fields and green river bed.

The King's walk

The King's walk

The splendor of a mysterious walk...

and many more other wonderful hikes, sights, places to discover...

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In every walk in with nature one receives far more than he seeks. 

- John Muir -

By discovering nature, you discover yourself.

- Maxime Lagacé -

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